ORGANIZATORIAI: Lietuvikos pirties biciuliu draugija

Pirtis day 2018

Festival of lithuanian bathing traditions

16 06 2018 at Ukmergė


‘Bath Day 2018’ in Ukmerge

The ‘Bath Day’,which has been travelling across Lithuania since 2009, will be held in Ukmerge this year. On 16 June, Saturday,on the banks of the river Sventoji, 14 mobile baths will be ready to treat guests. Bath attendants from Lithuania, Latvia and Belorussia will be ready to show their skills and mastership of thrashing and other bath procedures. This festival is being organized by Ukmerge Municipality and Lithuanian Fellowship of Bath Lovers (LPBD), which has been promoting the bath traditions for 9 years. The atmosphere of the festival will be heated by folklore musicians of Ukmerges district.

“Bath of hundred places” programme is like mini performances

One cannot imagine the ‘Bath Day’ without so called ‘Bath of hundred places’, which is being constructed only once a year, and is the center of the event.

To prepare this bath, enthusiasts of Lithuanian Fellowship of Bath Lovers will make a stove from 8 tons of stones, which will be heated all night and in the morning it will be covered by a huge tent. This year 6 programmes, which are like mini performances, are being planned here. The guests will have an opportunity to evaluate the mastership of bath attendants from different regions of Lithuania. There will be special programmes for women, families with kids and members of Ukmerges municipality.

The variety of programmes and bath procedures will be proposed by mobile baths. The guests will be able to enjoy the pleasant steam, will learn the principles of a good bath, and will experience a great variety of recreational procedures and spiritual rituals.

The ‘Bath Day’ will be interesting for those who are interested in building a bath, its equipment and technologies. Advice on constructing the bath will be given and there will be a possibility to observe how it is implemented practically.

Soberly and environment friendly

The ‘Bath Day’ in Lithuania is famous not only for its programmes in baths, but it is well known and loved for different activities being organized around the baths. One can enjoy here different types of massages and facial masks.

Alcohol is not tolerated during the festival. Guests are treated with different herbal teas and bath cocktails, which will be delivered in reusable cups this year. Guests are encouraged to bring their cups, which hopefully will decrease the pollution of the environment.

Environmental topic is highlighted in the collection of Bath clothes ‘A forest in Blossom’, which will be presented by Milda Kregzde. It will be shown on the stage after the opening ceremony of the festival.

There will be a possibility to buy items connected to a bath at a fair. Everyone is welcome!